Content Creation Equipment List

Below is a list of products we use and recommend! When you buy something using these links we may earn a small commission. 


As the camera we use is a few years old you can no longer get hold of them new but you can get a renewed version on amazon.

Lens: new: used:

We highly recommend getting a 50mm lens to get great close up focus and blurred background.


To capture the ASMR sounds on our videos you need a decent microphone, the one on your camera simply won't be good enough.


Reflectors are such an easy way to lighten dark areas in your set. The one we use has a translucent disc which is ideal for diffusing sunlight.


This softbox is really easy to put together and is really sturdy.


This tripod is great as it has an extension arm which means you can do overhead shots. We did start off with a cheaper option but we needed to invest in a more expensive one for this. 

SD card:

A good SD card is a must have - the last thing you want is running out of space mid shoot!

Spare camera batteries:

Spare batteries aren't a necessity as your camera will come with them and a charger. However we find it so useful having spares for long days when we are using the camera for long periods of time such as taking lots of product shots or filming processes for a reel. The last thing you want when you're in the swing of things is for your camera to run out of battery and you have to wait for ages for it to charge again.

External hard drive:

We highly recommend getting yourself a good external hard drive to store your files, images and videos on so you have everything backed up and not clogging up your computer. 


We have used a small rotating display stand to show off all faces of our candles. 

Colourful light:

This is great little light to give different moods.

Foam props: blocks: cones: rings: balls: single cone: sphere halves:

It's great to get a selection of shapes to paint any colour you would like. It's always good to first them with a base coat of white to make your top coats pop. Then keep repainting with different colours and reusing them over and over!


And of course we use our own photography backgrounds.