What do you use to make your candles?

Our candles are made using a blend of sunflower and olive wax, infused with only 100% pure essential oils for a clean burn, making them better for you and the environment than paraffin wax and fragrance oil scented candles.

What are your jars made of?

We make our jars using Jesmonite. Since we're humans, rather than robots, no two colours or patterns will be exactly the same between one product and the next. The natural variations in our process are what makes each product unique. There may be the odd bubble in the material due to mixing and pouring the Jesmonite, giving the surface a little texture.

How does sustainability feature in how you run your business?

Our aim is to make beautiful, high quality products with eco-conscious principles. When making every decision, we consider the environmental impacts and eco-friendly options and use these where ever we can. 

All of our materials are sourced from UK suppliers and our packaging is fully recyclable and biodegradable. We make our jars using Jesmonite which is an eco-resin and make our candles using only vegetable wax infused with only pure natural essential oils. This means our candles are free of the nasty chemicals found in paraffin wax and fragrance oils so are better for both you and the environment with additional aromatherapy benefits. The vegetable wax we use is made in England from olive and sunflower sourced from Europe which is much more sustainable than soy which is predominantly sourced from hotter climates and contributes to deforestation.