Our Story

We are a couple, Freddie and Rebecca, and we founded Grafton Yard in July 2020.

It all started back in 2019 when Rebecca had been off work for a year due to poor mental health. I was experimenting with Jesmonite at the time and I encouraged Rebecca to have a go. We both found joy in the making process and before long, as a natural progression for us, we poured candles into our handmade vessels.

After lots of positive feedback from family and friends and much more experimenting - Grafton Yard was born. (We lived on Grafton Road in Kentish Town at the time, hence the name.)

Grafton Yard was something to focus on and to pour positive energy into. We used making the jars and pouring the candles as a mindful practice, which bought us joy, and in turn it bought others joy. This mindful practice dramatically helped Rebecca recover from her mental health struggles which has been life changing.

And that is what everything boils down to. Grafton Yard started to bring light to a negative situation and it has continued to shine ever since.

So, put simply, our purpose is to bring you joy. Grafton Yard is the embodiment of positive energy and everything we do lives up to that purpose.

So far we have handcrafted thousands of candles and brought joy to so many wonderful people. Through a lot of trial and error we have mastered our unique production process and we've invented our very own method for embellishing our candle jars with patterns to bring you joy every time you set eyes on them.

Being sustainable is at the heart of each of our decisions. We source all our raw materials and packaging from England. We only use essential oils to fragrance our candles as they are better for you and the environment than fragrance oils and they have aromatherapy benefits which are great for the mind and body. The wax we use is a blend of olive and sunflower wax made in England from raw materials sourced in Europe. This is the most eco-friendly wax and supplier option we could find, as it has the fewest air miles and doesn't contribute to deforestation. 

We want more people to experience the joy that comes with high quality craftsmanship - and not just from our candles. On our journey since launching Grafton Yard we have learned so much and experienced the struggles new small businesses face and we've come out the other-side.

That's why we launched a series of products and services to empower other small businesses so that they can reach more people with their handcrafted products and in turn, bring more joy into the world. 

We want to be part of a change in the luxury retail space. Shifting to a world where ethically sourced, handcrafted and eco-conscious products are the go-to for everyone.